Who We Are

Our Story

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, I’ve watched the Internet and modern technology develop with a keen eye. Alongside learning from many inspiring people, my creative imagination has helped me paint a fresh picture of how culture, business and technology could look and feel.

Experience from my time in IBM and other leading technology firms has helped me understand technology applied in a broad variety of organisations from small to enormous. Rapid global development of computing, mobile devices and cloud services constantly changes the landscape of how we learn, communicate, work and organise. Current technology can make the way we work much more effective and efficient. But only when it works well.

We provide a fresh take on IT services by prioritising people over technology. We’re committed to getting to know our clients so that we can provide the best to suit them. We enjoy working with the latest products to serve each business, school or any other kind of organisation.

We are driven by two key ambitions. Our primary goal is to invest in helping developing economies compete globally in technology. We’re looking to provide training resources through trustworthy people experienced in working in such economic regions. Another ambition is to create a business culture committed to doing others good, whether they are employees customers or competitors. We’re excited to play our part in the big picture.

How We Work

We generally work by getting to know you before we do anything else.

A coffee and a chat is a good starting point. Of course, if it’s an urgent call, we’ll get right down to business. By understanding our customers well we can work out what products and services will be best to suit them. We get a kick out of providing systems that our customers enjoy using.

Each organisation is unique and has it’s own culture. Some love technology and work with a lot of technology. Others are not so fond of technology and just want to load taken off of their hands. We thrive on creating solutions that really serve our customers.

Where We Work

Invona has started life in Brighton & Hove in the United Kingdom.
We have clients around Brighton, London and around the South East.

If you’re outside this area, feel free to get in touch as we have experience working all around the UK and abroad.

We’re passionate about supporting businesses in our home town, Brighton.

Being one of many creative and digital businesses locally, we’re excited to support the innovative and experimental culture of our city.

We also want to grow the business in London and key cities around the UK in the near future, so let us know if you like the sound of our services.

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