The Archive of Modern Conflict (London, UK)

Managed IT services, deployment and disaster recovery

“Finally an IT support company that’s friendly and wants to help! Invona have worked with us, building our IT infrastructure from the ground up which now includes monitoring, disaster management and wireless and multi-site networking. They were also really helpful in recovering data we had lost through our legacy system. Great to have a point of contact to advise and help in times of need!”

Beyond Performance (Surrey, UK)

Managed IT services

“As an experienced executive coach working mainly with global corporate companies, I need my devices to be kept in-sync with each other and with my Personal Assistant who works remotely. I also need to be certain that my systems and data are safe and secure both when working in the UK and when travelling around the world.


Daniel has set me up and kept me running over the last few years in such a way that I have peace of mind that he has all aspects of my technology support covered. I also trust him to make sure that when I have a problem he or his colleagues at Invona will fix it to keep my business running. This is very important to me. He has helped me get the most out my Macs, iPads and iPhones by providing one-to-one support and training as well as keeping everything securely backed up and up-to-date. Daniel really helps me so that I can focus on my work and enjoy using my devices without worrying about my technology, Daniel is a delightful personality, I completely trust him and his professional expertise and I have no hesitation recommending him and Invona.”

TSL (Gatwick, UK)

Google Apps migration and networking

“I selected Invona to run my migration project as they had previous experience with both Microsoft 360 and Google Apps and were able to advise me as to the pros and cons of each system. Once I decided to use the Google platform Daniel managed the whole process with me. I have since used Daniel for other IT projects including our new VPN and wireless data systems.”

Olivet English Language School (Brighton, UK)

Managed IT services

“Here at Olivet we were looking to upgrade our PCs and internal network to improve the performance and overall user experience for our staff. We also wanted a reliable backup solution. I appreciated how Invona took onboard our existing equipment and issues in order to provide a professional solution. Invona set us up with smart new Dell PCs using Office 365 along with other cloud services. Now we use them for support and enjoy catching up over a good coffee.”

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